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CRYSTAL Colour radiator covers


The Crystal Colour range of radiator covers are simply stunning. We have challenged convention and designed a range of covers that not only provide wonderful heat transfer into any room, but simply transform your living spaces into chic, highly fashionable environments and spaces. Alternatively, just use as a console table to shock and inspire, and create styles to suit your decor exactly.

British made, the Crystal Colour are both console tables and radiator covers in a range of highest quality finishes and materials. The 24% leaded glass crystal beads create the most wonderful shimmering and glistening effects (these are infinitely superior in quality to the plastic ones currently on the High Street). When illuminated they are out of this world.  Available in six different bead colours of amber, lipstick red, pale purple, deep blue, lolly yellow and powder black, choose the bead colour to match your room, your furniture, your furnishings or simply as a statement to contrast and shock.

Once the colour is selected, choose the design of the crystal bead available in 2 different styles of octagonal and square; choose whether you require bead ends to contrast in colour; choose whether you want one single colour or two colours for you to create a style that suits you; and finally choose whether you want lights or not...the range is simply designed around you.

As with all products within the Crystal ranges there is no maximum height, so you can drape the wonderful shimmering glass crystal beads from floor to ceiling if desired.

For the tops, choose between toughened satin safety glass that allows the multicolour LED lights to illuminate the top as well as the crystal glass curtains; colour matched glass to match your decor; or mirror glass for the real high fashion followers.

Protected as Registed Designs with the UK Patent Office, these wonderful designs are only available through Couture Cases. Like all products within the ranges, if there is a design somehow we have missed, please contact us with your ideas on our enquiry form and we would be delighted to discuss your design needs.

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